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Interior Design is Peace of Mind in the Covid Era

In general terms, interior design involves manipulating the look of a room to maximize its potential — with the right paint, furnishings, accessories, and arrangement, any bland box can be transformed into a lively living space. When it comes to its applications in healthcare, however, visual appeal is just one of many vital considerations. “People hear ‘interior design,’ and they immediately think HGTV,” says Jacki Zumsteg. “But it’s so much more than just selecting something that’s pretty.”

Zumsteg is the director of MTMC Interior Design, which develops innovative solutions for medical, long-term care, and senior living clients. The firm, based in St. Louis, was already a leader in the field for 40-plus years before joining the MTMC family in 2019. Now, the multi-talented team is better-positioned than ever to offer its services to industries with evolving and often unforeseen needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout its history, MTMCID has done business in all 50 states, and has headed international projects, as well. But whether the assignment is developing a soup-to-nuts design plan for a metropolitan high-rise hospital or helping a small-town physician build a better waiting room, these experts take a highly personalized approach. The firm works closely with customers every step of the way, from budget development and scheduling through to procurement and installation. 

MTMCID’s proprietary process is grounded in “evidence-based design,” a school of thought in which every aesthetic choice is backed by empirical data. “There’s a true science behind selecting products, colors, patterns, and more that impact our mood and behavior,” explains Zumsteg. A thoughtful curation of artwork and signage, for example, can have morale-boosting effects on patients in a cancer center; specific hues and upholsteries can unconsciously encourage energy and mobility in a physical therapy area.

Though COVID-19 has thrown both the daily operations and long-term goals of care providers for a serious loop, MTMCID is uniquely qualified to take on the ever-changing challenges facing these industries. A versatile and highly adaptable skill set, coupled with top-rated product support, forms a potent one-two punch against the overwhelming uncertainty of our current situation. “It’s all about creativity and balance — doing everything we can to reduce concerns around both safety and liability,” says Zumsteg. 

Here, Zumsteg expands on just a few of the many topics clients have been asking about the most during the pandemic, and the services MTMCID offers to provide lasting peace of mind.

Air Filtration. “While it doesn’t necessarily sound like it would be design-related, air filtration solutions are one of our top specialties,” says Zumsteg. MTMCID is the American healthcare industry’s exclusive provider of Purafil brand Purashield cabinets, which have been proven to destroy 99.98% of harmful airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold. This multi-tier product line features compact options for smaller offices and facilities, all the way up to powerful filtration systems that can handle entire laboratories and buildings. 

Purafil Air Filtration

UV Light Cleaning. There are a multitude of products on the market that emit germicidal ultraviolet light, providing effective and efficient chemical-free disinfection in professional settings. Zumsteg has found these solutions fit effortlessly into many different environments, from mobile UV rigs that keep hospital computer equipment germ-free to standalone office kiosks that clean high-use instruments, cellphones, or tablets. 

UV Clean

Furniture and Upholstery. MTMCID’s design expertise makes them an ideal resource for clients seeking guidance on meeting, and ideally exceeding, social distancing guidelines inside their facilities. But while arranging furniture to maximize safety is imperative, Zumsteg says the style of the furniture itself should also be top of mind. “You need to be able to easily wipe things down, so pieces that can stand up to rigorous regular cleaning are key,” she says. She recommends furniture with minimal edges and creases that can collect bacteria. Upholstery is a major consideration, as well. MTMCID works with manufacturers like CF Stinson and Crypton, which create textiles with a range of pandemic-relevant features, such as anti-microbial protection, fluid barriers, and bleach resistance.

Performance Fabrics

Flexible Protective Measures. Many care providers don’t have the time or money to make drastic physical renovations to meet pandemic protocols right now, but still need strategies to protect staff and patients alike. What can be done? “We’re finding that many people need solutions that may not necessarily be long-term,” says Zumsteg. MTMCID stocks a wide variety of clear acrylic countertop guards, shields, dividers, and tri-fold screens in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Portable, storable, and easy to disinfect, these pieces are a simple and cost-effective way to up safety and ease anxiety, no construction required.

Counter Shields

Purashield Products from Purafil Destroy up to 99.98% of Target Viruses & Bacteria!

Purashield 500 Air Scrubber

Don’t just capture microbials – DESTROY them on contact!

Quickly and effectively remove harmful viruses, bacteria and mold from the air with Purafil’s disposable four-layer filtration.

The Problem:

Think of all the places where germs abound. Daycare centers, schools, doctors’ offices, public transportation, and work places are among some of the most common. The air we breathe, and share, with other people can contain millions of microorganisms.

Harmful bacteria are one-celled organisms so small that if you lined up a thousand of them end to end, they would fit across the end of a pencil eraser. Even smaller viruses are basically capsules that invade the cells in your body. Some fungi can cause illness.

The Solution:

Ideal for use in:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices
  • Dental Offices
  • Medical Facilities
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Laboratories

Purashield is an air scrubbing device that uses patented technology and multiple stages of filtration to DESTROY airborne viruses and bacteria on contact. It is the ONLY scrubber that uses gas phase chemical filtration and has third-party testing to prove its efficacy against some of the most common pathogens including SARS, Influenza, H1N1, MRSA, C. Albicans, E. coli, and MS2 virus (surrogate of Coronavirus and Influenza). When tested, the Purashield units reflected a load reduction of the viruses within the first fifteen minutes.

Each unit moves and filters the air through the unit 10 times each hour, destroying viruses and bacteria, rather than just containing them within a filter like other products.

Purashield Filtration Process:

  • Pre-Filter: This catches and removes large particles in the air.
  • Chemical Filtration: Patented antimicrobial chemical media enables an oxidation process that eliminates pathogens.
  • Puraward Fiber (PWF) Technology: This fiber is embedded with copper and silver ions that have microbial properties to kill viruses and bacteria.
  • HEPA Filter: This final step cleans the air of PM2.5 and PM0.3 particulates before releasing it back into the room.

Current Lead-times:

MTMC Interior Design has exclusivity to the product lines offered by Purafil and is currently shipping most orders within 1-2 weeks. These models are already in use in many hospitals and senior living facilities across the country today.

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